UTAPwiki/セミナー/planet lunch
担当者:Yasushi, Suto
時間 :12:15-13:00
場所 :理学部1号館908室
内容 : The presentation on the first two papers is based on JC20191209 by Kazumi Kashiyama.

Jifeng Liu et al.A wide star-black-hole binary system from radial-velocity measurements27 Nov. 2019, Nature, 575, 618doi
Rong-Feng Shen, Christopher D. Matzner, Andrew W. Howard, and Wei ZhangConstraints on the binary black hole hypothesis for system LB-128 Nov. 2019, arXiv:1911.12581doi
A. C. Dunhill, J. Cuadra, and C. DougadosPrecession and accretion in circumbinary discs: the case of HD 1042379 Feb. 2015, MNRAS, 448, 3545doi

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