*Introduction of Wash-In Leptogenesis [#pf0e39de]

**Minxi He [#k3245209]

The generation mechanism of baryon asymmetry in our Universe is still a mystery. A simple and elegant scenario is leptogenesis which converts the lepton asymmetry to baryon asymmetry. However, the standard leptogenesis requires very heavy right-handed neutrinos and the generated B-L asymmetry may be strongly washed out by inverse decay of right-handed neutrinos and some scattering process. Recently, a new leptogenesis mechanism  called wash-in leptogenesis is proposed in 2011.09347 which makes use of the non-trivial chemical potential structure to generate non-vanishing B-L at late time. In wash-in leptogenesis, the right-handed neutrino mass can be as small as ~100TeV and the strong wash-out process turns out to enhance the asymmetry. Also, it is independent of the CP violation in the right-handed neutrino section. I will introduce this mechanism in this seminar. 

Domcke, Kamada, Mukaida, Schmitz, Yamada, 2011.09347
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