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担当者:Shoji, Mori
時間 :12:15-13:00
場所 :理学部1号館908室
内容 :
内容 : We report the detection of spiral substructure in both the gas velocity and temperature structure of the disk around TW~Hya, suggestive of planet-disk interactions with an unseen planet. Perturbations from Keplerian rotation tracing out a spiral pattern are observed in the SE of the disk, while significant azimuthal perturbations in the gas temperature are seen in the outer disk, outside 90~au, extending the full azimuth of the disk. The deviation in velocity is either Δvϕ/vkep∼0.1 or Δvz/vkep∼0.01 depending on whether the perturbation is in the rotational or vertical direction, while radial perturbations can be ruled out. Deviations in the gas temperature are ±4 K about the azimuthally averaged profile, equivalent to deviations of ΔTgas/Tgas∼0.05. Assuming all three structures can be described by an Archimedean spiral, measurements of the pitch angles of both velocity and temperature spirals show a radially decreasing trend for all three, ranging from 9∘ at 70 au, dropping to 3∘ at 200 au. Such low pitch-angled spirals are not readily explained through the wake of an embedded planet in the location of previously reported at 94 au, but rather require a launching mechanism which results in much more tightly wound spirals. Molecular emission tracing distinct heights in the disk is required to accurately distinguish between spiral launching mechanisms.
| | | |[[doi:http://www-utap.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/pukiwiki/index.php]]|
|Richard Teague, Jaehan Bae, Jane Huang, Edwin Bergin|Spiral Structure in the Gas Disk of TW~Hya| 3 Oct. 2019, arXiv:1910.01532|[[doi:https://arxiv.org/abs/1910.01532]]|

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